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Who wants to get money in the long run is right here !

Our product is our dashboard !


Here, anyone can be protected by our unique automated

get Program Money !


Everybody !


Our automatic program works FASTLY !



You should also have a look at our info page and our current workshops where everything is explained in detail !


Every person can register with us anywhere in the World

with ONE TIME $ 20



And still you can secure YOUR POOL POSITION here and start getting Money.



Because of our ingenious and unusual marketing plan and our automatism, everyone gets money here.



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We offer a program that will make your life and the life of

of many people around the world!

What is your task AFTER the start ?

Every member can recommend our unique program to their family,

friends, work colleagues, clubs, yes to everyone.

Whether offline or online.

WHY? ...because everyone here gets money if they register !

ACTIVE: Each of his directly invited partners not only gets a small part of the registration fee, but also
50 % of each upgrade made by his direct partner

(see payment plan).

YOU can register as many partners as you want !

Everyone will be placed in a 2 x 2 matrix - automatically !


If you are PASSIVE, i.e. you can't advertise or advertise (invite??),

you get money due to the automated program - even automatically !

Please see the payment plan and the workshop video: UPGRADE.

But if you recommend our program to others, you can get a huge team

that will bring him money deep down, many levels down!

You can register unlimited partners !

Millions of people worldwide are waiting for this chance to change their lives.


Nevertheless, the lives of all people will change with Happy Donation,

as everyone now through our automated payouts

of the upgrades his life

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What have you got to lose?   NOTHING

What can you get?  A lot of money

What are you waiting for ?

Secure your position right now and speak to the person,

that shows you this page.  Send her/him your name and (desired) username and a valid e-mail address.

This person, your sponsor will contact you immediately !

So you can easily win new partners for your team, from everyone you register yourself, you get 50% according to the marketing plan.  If later upgrades are made by these partners,

you always get your
50 % - That's what you get!


 How do I earn?
Click the Upgrade Video



Only registered members can
register new members !

So I can register you:

Send your

   Your desired username:

   First and last name:

   e-mail address:



to me



 to the Person ( Tipster ) who shows you this website.

   Your tipster will give you his PayPal or

give bank details

   and you send him $ 20 worldwide or € 20 in EUROPA

   for the registration.

After receipt of payment your tipster registers you

immediately in Happy Donation and sends from

his HD account $20 into yours,

so that your registration is complete !

This takes internal seconds !

   You will receive an e-mail which you must confirm !

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Happy Donation HD-Powerline PL 100

2nd project is our Power Team PL 100 in Happy Donation

Here everybody pays
$ 100 USD - ( Europe 93 € ) once and gets
automatically assigned NEW partners which he can register.

Hereby he enjoys the freedom not to have to search for his own partners.

And through our Power Team, which automatically doubles every month,

the income increases continuously.

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If you want to participate here, please contact the person

who sent you this website or the support!

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Join our Facebook Group: Happy Donation International and add your partners to our group.
Here everyone gets the latest information !

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